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Funerals & Memorial Services

Honor the memory of your loved one through the music of the bagpipes!

Vancouver Funeral Bagpiper at Church Service, Cemetery, or Memorial Service
Scottish Funeral Bagpiper in Vancouver

Piping at the graveside of my departed grandparents in Culcross, Scotland.

Remembering Your Loved One

Bagpipes are regularly included in funerals and memorial services at places of worship and committal services at the graveside. Bagpipers throughout North America are engaged on a regular basis to provide the mournful salutes, laments, and other music appropriate to the occasion. While bagpipes may be more closely perceived with regimental roles, they are requested by military and non-military families alike when considering how to honor and celebrate the life of loved ones.

Where and when the pipes are played during the course of a funeral is a matter of family preference. In many instances, the decision was made by the deceased prior to his/her passing and the family and bagpiper are merely carrying out those wishes. An experienced piper will be able to honor most requests. Common intervals for the bagpipe music are as follows:

  • Outside the place of worship or service as the family, mourners, and funeral procession arrives.
  • A short tune may be requested during the service.
  • Recessional from the service.
  • Processional and/or recessional at the cemetery
Musical Selection

Beyond common tunes, such as Amazing Grace, the knowledgeable piper will have a repertoire of musical choices fitting for a funeral.  Family requests may be honored provided the tune or song can be played within the limitations of the bagpipes. Due to the limited range of pitch inherent to the instrument, not every song can be reasonably replicated, but every effort will be made.


Pipers often have a flat fee for funerals and/or memorial services.  Extended travel and related cost may alter the base amount and is something to be discussed with the piper.



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