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A Scottish bagpiper adds a perfect Celtic flavor to your wedding

Processional Bagpiper

Wedding Bagpiper at Church, Processional, Recessional

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Wedding Bagpiper for Processional, Recessional

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Create a Lifetime of Memories

You have just been declared Man and Wife, the first kiss as a couple is exchanged, and your bagpiper has marched down the aisle to escort you out. A grand image will capture that special moment forever.

Bagpipers have been performing at weddings, fairs, feasts, and celebrations, for hundreds of years. It is an instrument that is sure to stir joyous and happy emotions and add to the sense of occasion for the day. Depending upon what portion of the wedding day you want your piper to partake, you will discover how they can seamlessly transition you to other aspects of your wedding day.

Like the rest of your special day, plan the intervals that you want the bagpipe music.

  • Bagpiping outside of the church or ceremonial area provides a grand entrance for your guests.
  • Bagpipe music during the processional and saving that special tune for the Bride and her escort will announce the arrival of the beautiful guest of honor.
  • Piping during the recessional announces the binding of the happy couple.
  • You may also want to include piping and highland dancers as part of your reception.
Choosing Your Bagpiper

As you have carefully chosen and scrutinized so many other details of your wedding day, there are important considerations in choosing the bagpiper. Many pipers look the part as the traditional outfit can, by its very nature and blend of colors, make for a spectacular image. Go beyond what you see and delve into the piper’s experience and background. An experienced bagpiper will have performed at a variety of events and venues.

Many bagpipers that have competed in solo or band competitions will be categorized on a scale starting with Grade V (5) representing beginning players up through Amateur Grade I and Open/Professional being the highest rank. Make inquires and ask for examples of their performance experiences, how they are ranked and references.

Music Selection

A common question from wedding couples is what tunes or songs are appropriate for the event. Beyond the common tunes, such as Ode to Joy, the knowledgeable piper will have a repertoire of tunes that are fitting for each phase of the ceremony. Do not be hesitant about asking for the title of the tunes and if you can listen to them in person or if sound files can be sent. You should be able to feel a sense of trust in your performer and his musical choices.  


Bagpipers often have a flat fee for weddings. Extended travel, piping in multiple locations, and related cost may alter the base amount and is something to be arranged with the piper.


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